CIYS_front_coverIn her article on Huffington Post, Quenby Wilcox, founder of Global Expats, discusses the challenges that (mainly) women face in re-establishing a career after having ‘opted out’ of the workforce, whether to raise a family, work from home or accompany a spouse abroad.

Not only does the article bust some myths about the ‘trailing spouse’ and discuss the pitfalls of divorce across borders, it also mentions Jo Parfitt and Colleen Reichrath Smith’s A Career in Your Suitcase: A Practical Guide to Creating Meaningful Work… Anywhere (more about the book here on Expat Bookshop).

Wilcox was inspired by Parfitt’s approach to rejigging her career after returning to her home country: “I looked inside myself,” writes Parfitt, “and decided I had to calculate which among my many careers had the most earning potential. I had to think hard about which of my skills would earn me the most money per hour and for which there was also a market.”

Find the full article on Huffington Post here.

Global Expats specialises in helping employees and their families relocate and has a wealth of information in their knowledge base. Accompanying spouses may also want to check out the ‘Trailing Spouse Survival Booklet’ here.


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