thethinkingtank-cover72In an article in the Spalding Today, Jae De Wylde describes her time in a hyperbaric oxygen tank as “a twilight world, with half my life being lost in the world of the oxygen tank”. As part of her treatment for reflex sympathetic dystrophy, a virus of the sympathetic nervous system, author Jae De Wylde spent  one hour a day, five days a week, for a year in the tank.  This experience inspired her first novel, The Thinking Tank in which one of her characters spends time in a tank.

In the interview, Jae also says that her novel is not “chick lit”. “… it is women’s contemporary fiction. The book takes place between Rutland and the south of Spain in 2003 and 1970s London so there is a dual narrative going on and there is a mother-daughter relationship at the heart of it, but it’s a mystery and a real page turner with some quite dark, intense issues. It examines whether your past has to dictate your future.”

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