When Maureen Dolan, the blogger behind SpainStruck.com, was invited to Debbie and John Fletcher’s opening of their luxury dog kennels on their property in the Murcian countryside, she was delighted to meet the characters in Debbie’s book, Bitten by Spain.

BittenbySpain_72Maureen writes: “Well, we were bowled over, me in particular, since I´d read her book and everything seemed familiar to me, such are Debbie’s powers of expression. I wanted the tour – meet the handsome, friendly but Spanish-challenged John, pet the enormous dog Marcos, the sweet husky Qivi, put our finger into the deep, round scar left on Debbie’s leg by the Spanish spider, say “´ello” to Cookie the cockatoo.

Maureen also describes the lovely house and countryside and updates us on what else Debbie is up to these days (a lot!)

Read the full story here.

The Murcian Countryside – A Baptism by Fire comes into its own in this second edition, recently released by Summertime Publishing. An afterword keeps readers up to speed on life on the finca el campo (countryside plot) since the book was first published in 2008, while updated photographs introduce us to the scenery and the characters – both man and beast – that make up Fletcher’s ever-eventful life in Murcia.



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