Passage to Persia, by Margaret A Frame

Passage to Persia, by Margaret A Frame

Read the full review of Passage to Persia on here.This is what writer Kim Ciftci has to say about the late Adelaide Kibbe, a missionary physician who in 1929 – and at just 27 years old – set out from New York for Iran. Kibbe’s recently released memoir, Passage to Persia: Writings of an American doctor during her life in Iran, 1929-1957 , is based on her diaries and mission reports in that time. The book, which was complied and edited by her daughter Margaret A Frame, gives us insight into both Adelaide’s personality and the events that transpired over her 28 years in Iran.

Writes Kim: “The position of doctor affords [Adelaide] a more in-depth glimpse of the country from ‘rich’ and ‘poor’ perspectives and because of this the reader is spoilt with detail and comparison not usually experienced from both ends of the social spectrum … Occasionally, a scene takes on a farcical aspect and you can’t help but smile as donkeys bray, mourners carry a fake coffin filled with treasure, and Adelaide herself refuses to treat a cow that has been referred to her as a patient by another doctor.”

Read the full review of Passage to Persia on here.


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