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Badass Abroad – the Reviews Are In

An engaging journey of personal transformation through courage, authenticity, and self-love.”

Katia Vlachos, author of A Great Move

“Part memoir, part self-help book, Badass Abroad is… full of surprising twists, relatable stories, and smart advice. A must-read for every expat spouse.”

Olga Mecking, author of Niksen

“I’d recommend to every expat accompanying spouse moving abroad today. Strong, sassy, witty, honest, sarcastic, sweary, and full of wisdom.”

Mariam Navaid Ottimofiore, ​author of This Messy Mobile Life

I was getting side-eyes from passengers because it made me laugh out loud… a behind the scenes view of real-life transformation.”

Sundae Bean, transformation facilitator and podcaster

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