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How To Stand Up To Sexism, What the Experts Say…

Thank goodness for this book. It’s a must-read for anyone who wants attitudes to change.”

Victoria Derbyshire, British journalist, newsreader and broadcaster

With this brilliant handy guide, all women will have the perfect response to any sexist remark at their fingertips. Brava!”

Eleanor Mills, founder of and former Editorial Director of The Sunday Times​

How often have we heard sexist comments and wished we had quick repartee to call it out? Well, this book can help with just that.”

Helen Pankhurst, women’s rights activist

Universities would do well to hand out this book to all students at freshers’ week.”

Baroness Jenkin of Kennington, co-founder & co-chair of Women2Win, Trustee at The Fawcett Society

A punchy, practical guide providing women the tools they need to fight against workplace sexism.”

Kudsia Batool, Head of Equalities and Strategy, TUC

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