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Jack Scott Reviews Meet Me in Miami

Following on from his exposé of Los Angeles and Oklahoma City, Charles St. Anthony completes his coast-to-coast take on the American dream through the medium of food culture, ending up in the Sunshine State. After a distinctly inauspicious start on the mean streets of Miami which nearly saw Charles flee to higher ground, voluntary work at a hostel in a seedy part of South Beach gave him a roof over his head – and a husband.

“It turns out I picked up more than pizza in the Magic City,” he writes.

Things were finally looking up.

They say we are what we eat and food delivery boy Charles knows a thing or two about American eating habits. Join Charles and his cast of the weird and the wonderful before global warming drowns them all. As expected, his latest love letter from gig-land is funny, keenly-observed and erudite, The Golden Girls, it ain’t.

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