sunshine-soup-cover-72Jack Scott, author of Perking the Pansies: Jack and Liam go to Turkey (Summertime 2011) has this to say about Jo Parfitt’s Dubai-based expat memoir, Sunshine Soup: Nourishing the Global Soul (2011).

“I found it impossible not to be drawn in to this book. The characters are strikingly drawn and developed, the plot is compelling and the sights and sounds of Dubai form an evocative backdrop to a hugely enjoyable story of loss, intrigue and redemption. As a former expat myself, I found the story of Maya (the book’s main character) very believable and for me that makes this novel a really welcome addition. And yes, there is an actual recipe for Sunshine Soup at the end of the book, along with 19 others – a nice touch. I gave it to a girl friend of mine and she hasn’t stopped talking about it.”

Jo Parfitt is also the author of A Career in Your Suitcase: The Expat and Trailing Spouse’s Guide to a Career on the Move; Find Your Passion and Expat Entrepreneur.  




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