aninconvenientpostingLast year, Aisha Ashraf, the blogger behind, reviewed Laura J Stephens’s memoir “An Inconvenient Posting” and had this to say:

“Describing an encounter with depression during her family’s expatriation to Houston, USA, Laura J Stephens’ memoir will strike a chord with displaced souls everywhere … While those on nodding terms with ‘the black dog’ will undoubtedly find something of interest here, the expat niche is where An Inconvenient Posting will garner its greatest appreciation … While it’s the dramatic, life-changing events that capture our imagination, in reality, the tightening screws that stretch our lives and test our endurance make themselves felt in more subtle ways. Laura documents the almost imperceptible slide from fully inclusive functioning to becoming an outsider in your own life that so characterizes depression.”

Read the full review at here.

Aisha Ashraf is an Irish-born freelance writer, serial expat and the blogger behind Her award-winning blog is a frank account of expat life, cross-cultural marriage, mixed families and managing Borderline Personality Disorder. She and her family are currently based in Canada.


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