WAYS Cover (303 x 500)Five-star reader reviews have come pouring in for Lindsay de Feliz’s What About Your Saucepans? (Summertime Publishing 2013) on Amazon.com.

Here are a few excerpts:

IJ Benady: “Readers will recognize the familiar elements of a good expat memoir – the triumphant sense of liberation at escaping from the greyness and cold rat race to the warm, slow-paced tropical idyll, the baffling experience of culture shock, the author’s perceptive and witty observations about her adopted country’s quirks as well as a good dose of self-deprecating humour when recounting her initial misadventures and misunderstandings as a ‘gringa‘ in a strange land.

The sting in the tail in What About Your Saucepans? is that unlike the expats we’ve read about in Tuscany and Provence, Lindsay’s dream-come-true suddenly turns very sour: not just once but twice…”

Nicola Cornwell: “…A non-fiction book that reads like fiction. But then isn’t truth stranger than fiction?”

Pascal Couture: “Once in a while there is always a book that resonates deeply with you. A book that makes you look at your life with a different perspective, a book that makes you reflect and ask yourself question. “What about your saucepans?” was one of those books for me…”

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