CIYS_smallMystery writer DL Nelson (find her blog here) recently had this to say about Career in Your Suitcase by Jo Parfitt and Colleen Reichrath-Smith:

“I find almost all the accompanying spouses I’ve met react one of two ways:

1. What a wonderful opportunity


2. What a horrible thing to happen to me

Career in Your Suitcase … is the perfect book for both types.”

Later she continues: “Unlike many how-to books, the authors don’t just rely on the success side of the story, but also talk about the fears and frustrations before delving into ways to overcome them.”

Read the full review here.

Read more about A Career in Your Suitcase: A Practical Guide to Creating Meaningful Work… Anywhere (Summertime Publishing, 2013) here. Available in paperback and Kindle on Amazon.


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