Subtle DifferencesElizabeth Vennekens-Kelly, author of Subtle Differences, Big Faux Pas: Test Your Cultural Competence (Summertime 2012), shares her latest reader reviews with us:

“I … now realize you prefer to be called Elizabeth! Had to read the book to find that out. I think it’s great, and I will recommend it to my friends who plan travel outside the U.S. Having lived in Thailand, I sure understand what you mean about subtle actions we might make that would be interpreted differently by someone from a different country.”

– Judy Dawson

“Dear Elizabeth, I got the book and I am a third of the way through. I love it. I love the quiz questions too. Now I am in the process of figuring out how to adopt a new textbook. Hopefully for the Fall of 2012. I teach at our local college Lambton College in Sarnia …  I teach whats called “Partial Load” anywhere between 7-12 hours a week per semester. I teach “World Cultures and Destinations” (the course I want the book for). I teach “Canadian Culture and You” (which is an intro to Canada course for newly arrived International students) and I teach beginner French and French culture … I teach a lot of the concepts that you speak about in your book, so hopefully I can get it adopted.

– Ruth Drewitt

“I just got home from a business trip last week to find your book in my mailbox. I read the whole thing and shared it with my friend who is Swiss and runs a filmmaking business with mostly Swiss clientele who want to make corporate films in the U.S. I thought she would be very interested and she was. We agreed that the book was packed full of useful information, but, most importantly, written in a very engaging format. Love the quizzes! When I do training, I like to break up the class with little challenge quizzes for my groups so I can see how the book would be a perfect companion to a training course. Thank you so much for thinking of me and taking the time to share your book with me.”

– Constance Anderson

Cross-cultural trainer, Elizabeth Vennekens-Kelly, is an American and former healthcare executive. She is married to a Belgian and now lives and works in several European countries. In this book she aims to help you appreciate that just because something is done one way in your country does not mean it is acceptable in another. This book is a fun, light-hearted, but very important, first step towards establishing intercultural awareness.

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