In a review of A Career in Your Suitcase by the Expat Everyday Support Centre (, Norman Viss tells us why the book is such a valuable resource for ‘trailing spouses’. Viss discusses the effect that a loss of career can have on identity and self-esteem before concluding:

“Two of the most outstanding strengths of this book are:

  • The focus on teamwork: don’t do this alone. This is not about you holed up in your office figuring your career out for yourself. Make a team; network; get advice; be relational; share what you know with others and learn from them.

    Both your right- and left-brain are put to work. There is more here than to-do lists, time management and career planning. You will find space, visualization, music and creativity.”

    Read the full review here.


In this latest edition of A Career in Your Suitcase, serial expat entrepreneur and publisher Jo Parfitt has teamed up with career consultant, Colleen Reichrath-Smith, to create a dynamic, supportive guide to creating a ‘portable career’. Don’t forget to pick up a copy of the Career in Your Suitcase Companion, a notebook to accompany the book, for an additional 5 euros.






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