Slurping SoupSlurping Soup and Other Confusions (Summertime Publishing 2012), a collection of 23 real-life stories from third culture kids, plus fun activities, was recently reviewed by Janneke of DrieCulturen [which means “Three Cultures”],  a website/blog that focuses on kids growing up in cultures other than their own. Janneke writes:

“I wish this book had been available years ago when I was a child and our family moved around in Africa. This book is full of real life stories and activities to help third culture kids during transitions. Children relate very differently to international moves than adults. This book helps parents get an insight in to how children experience leaving a country and discovering a new country… No matter in which country you are moving to you should take it along with you.”

Read the full review – and hear more about some of the book’s fun activities – here.

Slurping Soup and Other Confusions is aimed at 3- to 12-year-old global nomads. Read more about the book here.


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