finding-your-feet-in-chicago-3D-1Here are some of the the latest reviews of Véronique Martin-Place’s Finding Your Feet in Chicago: The Essential Guide for Expat Families, a recent release from Summertime Publishing.  Learn more about the book here.

“Whether you are new to Chicago or thinking of moving to the Windy City, Finding Your Feet in Chicago, by Véronique Martin-Place, is the must have manual for expats trying to navigate the city with kids. Chicago is amazingly family-friendly, and Finding your Feet in Chicago will be your go to guide to discovering all it has to offer.  From where to play and eat to picking the best preschool, Martin Place has done the research for you.  Her tried and true advice will make you feeling like a local in no time!” – Cindy McCarthy, Chicago mom of two,  founder of

“Finding Your Feet in Chicago, by Véronique Martin-Place, is an incredibly helpful and informative guide for expat parents who find themselves living in or relocating to Chicago. How I wish that even I, an American from birth, had been able to find a book like this before I moved to Chicago with my young child a few years ago. From schools to food, to the highs and lows of adjusting to a new culture, Martin-Place presents a frank, intelligent, and fact-filled perspective on life in a new city with a young family. While the focus of the book may be specific to Chicago, her experience is one that all parents, regardless of our country of origin, can appreciate.” – Wendy Widom, partner at

“If you’re an expat family moving to Chicago, this book is all you need. The author, (an expat parent herself) gives you information on everything from Chicago neighborhoods and suburbs, to how to find a pediatrician, a school or familiar foods from back home. There’s nothing about family life that isn’t included here!

If you’re new to the States, there’s a lot you’ll need to learn in a short space of time. With comprehensive information on everything aspect of your relocation, Finding Your Feet in Chicago will help lessen the anxiety that often comes with such a move, and have you feeling like a local in no time!” – Toni Summers-Hargis, author Rules, Britannia and blogger at




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