sunshine-soup-cover-72In her review of Jo Parfitt’s debut novel, Sunshine Soup, Deborah Fletcher is impressed with Jo’s ability to “encompass the viewpoint of the working spouse, too – Maya’s husband, Rich, as the shaker and mover in the expatriation, also has a tale to tell of his own problems in his new environment” and appreciated the insight Jo gives into some of the local relationships, whose “unfolding stories intertwine with the expat narratives”.

The novel is set in Dubai, where Jo once lived as an expat and accompanying spouse, before setting up her own business ventures based on the principles of her non-fiction work, A Career in Your Suitcase. “I started the book knowing nothing of Dubai,” writes Deborah. “The visuals drummed up by Jo’s compelling descriptions brought it to life for me, and give a very solid background setting for the very real characters that are splashed across the canvas.”

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