TERE (303 x 500)In her review of The Emotionally Resilient Expat: Engage, Adapt and Thrive Across Cultures for Expat Woman (Dubai), Antscherl writes:

“Linda A. Janssen … covers everything from culture shock, identity issues, relationships and of course how you can boost your emotional resilience to cope with whatever comes your way. Despite the serious subject matter, Janssen’s book is engagingly written in a way that draws you in, without being preachy. And the chapters are broken up throughout with anecdotes from expats reciting their personal experiences and difficulties. I frequently found myself smiling guiltily albeit sympathetically at many of the stories, having experienced numerous similar situations myself over the years.”

Read the full review – and about Shelley’s own expatriate experience – here.

Shelley Antscherl is a journalist, expat and mother of four living in British Columbia. She is a book reviewer for Dutchnews.nl, writer for various publications and author of DISPARATE HUISVROUW blog for BC Local News.



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