The Global Nomad’s Guide – a recommended read for any student #TCK

“Author, Tina Quick, speaks in simple, practical steps, reinforcing complicated or abstract concepts with application or a recommended direct action. Only a few pages pass at a time without a tip, a piece of easy advice, or a reassuring nudge forward – making it a perfect resource for attention-strapped students, or a quick reference for those in a hurry.”

Expat Arrivals

About the Book | Full Review

Author: Tina L. Quick

Tina Quick is an adult third culture kid (ATCK) who, as the daughter of a military man, spent her childhood in Turkey, Japan and all along the east coast of the United States. She then married an international public health physician whose work took them and their three TCK daughters to Pakistan, Kenya and Switzerland before the girls chose to attend college in the United States. Altogether Tina has made 29 moves. Knowing well the cycle of loss and grief involved in a cross-cultural lifestyle, Tina gave up her nursing profession to become a cross-cultural trainer with a passion for working with teen-aged global nomads. Witnessing the struggles of students who have not yet learned how to live out the differences their international upbringing has created in them in a positive and fulfilling way has inspired her to create specialized training to suit their individual needs.

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