finding-your-feet-in-chicago-3D-1Blogger Margarida Llabrés Rotger recently read Finding Your Feet In Chicago by Véronique Martin-Place, and had this to say:

“How to move, change city, change country, be open to other cultures and other people is not always obvious. Even when it is a choice, even when it is something desired and dreamed about, the reality is that sometimes there are moments of doubt, tough times of reassessing what matters and not knowing the first steps the newcomer should take. And this is where Véronique Martin Place springs into action with Finding your feet in Chicago…”

She goes on to say that there should be a book like this for every city. Read the full review (in French) here.

Read more about Finding Your Feet In Chicago: The Essential Guide for Expat Families (Summertime Publishing 2012) here.





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