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Author: Barbara-Anne Puren

Having relocated to Switzerland from South Africa in September 2016 and while dealing with all of the challenges and delights that are faced when moving your entire life to another country, Barbara-Anne came to realise something profound about herself. For the greater part of her ‘on stage’ professional life, as an actress, singer and saxophonist, she has always thought of herself as a performance artist who writes her own material. In the last year or so however, she has come to realise that she is rather a writer who performs her material. She has always expressed herself by writing, from one of her first poems written at 12 years of age as a reaction to seeing the words ‘whites only’ on a bus stop bench whilst growing up in apartheid South Africa, to her more recent one-woman musical stage show Casual Sax, about a 40-something woman navigating the highways and byways of dating in the 21st century. She wrote A Family Just Like Mine for her daughter as a way of explaining to her curious peers why she was lucky enough to have both a ‘heart family’ and a ‘tummy family’.

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