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A Family Just Like Mine

Book Cover: A Family Just Like Mine
ISBN: 9780995502796
Pages: 74
ISBN: 9781999732301

Barbara-Anne Puren

Children will love jumping, high-fiving and stomping along with Gemma on her amazing adventure.

The era of the nuclear family, with a working dad and stay-at-home mom is fast disappearing. There is no longer any such thing as a Typical Family, but rather, a whole grab bag of family arrangements. Families are now more ethnically, racially, religiously and stylistically diverse than a decade ago.

Postmodernists argue that the increase in diversity of family household structures reflects that we now live in a tolerant society. The family unit is thriving and continues to play a central role in shaping the health and wellbeing of family members.

In A Family Just Like Mine, Gemma, an inquisitive, adopted child, travels the world looking for a family like her own. Her journey begins in London, from there she meets giants in Bolivia, rides an elephant in India, slides down dunes in Egypt and skis in Switzerland.

Publisher: Springtime Books
Reviews:Susan Hayter, Senior Technical Advisor on the Future of Work Office of the Deputy Director-General of Policy ILO wrote:

A wonderful tale to find that most precious treasure; a heart family. A reminder of the true meaning of family, and the power of love.

Grant Knottenbelt, Artist, Owner Contact Marketing wrote:

A relevant story, reminding us of the value of family, and that for all our differences, we are all the same. Notably for families with adopted children, it sets a wonderful tone for opening a lifelong dialogue.

Tuesday Reitano, mother, Deputy Director, Global Initiative Against Transnational OrganizCrime, Co-author Migrant, Refugee, Smuggler, Saviour wrote:

A heartfelt, way to explore what "family" means in a globalised world. A great conversation starter for any parent whose child has lamented that s/he wished for a ‘normal’ family.