A Reunion of Strangers

Book Cover: A Reunion of Strangers

Words of Wisdom from the Families in Global Transition Conference Community

For over two decades, Families in Global Transition (#FIGT) members have met to explore and debate the expatriate experience, develop precise terminologies and celebrate the uniqueness of the transient existence. This wonderful little book offers you the most powerful insights from those diverse individuals, to educate, entertain, support and inspire.

Publisher: Summertime Publishing

Author: Jo Parfitt

I have run my own business since I was 25, largely because I am a serial entrepreneur and cannot survive without the variety provided by being self-employed. After 10 years living and working abroad, we returned to England in 1997 and Summertime Publishing was born. In 2005 we moved to The Hague, then to Malaysia in 2014 and now back in the Netherlands. I have developed a business based on writing, publishing, mentoring and teaching what I know. I know how to write, how to publish, how to run a business despite international moves, how to network and how to live abroad. I find countless opportunities to change lives through my writing, teaching, speaking and mentoring and love nothing more than to 'share what I know to help others to grow'.