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A Rubric for Transition Among Cultures

Book Cover: A Rubric for Transition Among Cultures
ISBN: 9781838167080

To Assist and Inform Cross-culture Transition Progress

Rachel E. Timmons, Ed.D.

We are all shaped and written upon by our surrounding culture. When we move between different cultures, it can take real effort to fit in and reacculturate ourselves, whether it's studying a new language, forming friendships, joining new groups, or simply finding a sense of 'place' in a new community. International moves, repatriation, transitions from military service to civilian life, moving from COVID-19 isolation back to regular society or from virtual to face-to-face schooling - all of these come with their own challenges. 

Dr. Rachel E. Timmons has devoted her professional life to education and spent 25 years living abroad, where she taught in international schools and raised four children. Since returning to the USA and taking up post as a professor of education, Dr. Timmons has developed her ground-breaking Reacculturation Rubric, a guidance tool for transitions based on the 430 years' combined experience of "fellow sojourners." 

Used to great success by organizations, missions, and students around the world and more recently applied to transitions caused by health issues, the Reacculturation Cross-culture Transition Rubric is now available as a published book. Includes worksheets, guidance notes, and a comprehensive list of additional resources.

Reviews:Tina L. Quick wrote:

An absolute treasure. Every person about to experience repatriation should receive a copy.