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An Expat’s Experience of Living in Turkey

Book Cover: An Expat's Experience of Living in Turkey
Editions:Kindle - 2nd Edition

An Expat's Experience of Living in Turkey

Colin Guest

In this memoir-cum-emigration guide, Colin Guest recounts his thirty fascinating years as an Englishman in Turkey.

Relocating from Plymouth to Kemer with his wife in 1988, Colin knows the highs and lows of life in a foreign country better than most. From the idyllic weather and heartwarming hospitality to traditions and unusual laws, he’s seen it all. Now, in his inspiring autobiography, he’s telling his story to help others who want to do it too.

Covering everything from buying property to travelling within Turkey, his memoir is jam-packed with useful tips and personal anecdotes for would-be expats.

Publisher: Tigerman Press