An Expat’s Experience of Living in Turkey

Book Cover: An Expat's Experience of Living in Turkey
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An Expat's Experience of Living in Turkey

Colin Guest

Newly updated 2nd edition

An Expat’s Experiences of Living in Turkey tells the story of the author Colin Guest, from his relocation to Turkey with his wife in 1989, up to the present time. It was a life-changing move that gave both of them a lifestyle which for many is just a dream. Turkey may be a Muslim country with a culture very different from England, but the author describes how they both found it surprisingly easy to settle in. When they first arrived at Kemer, then a small village on the Mediterranean Coast, they knew just two English-speaking people. Undaunted, they quickly made friends, bought some land, built a house and started to live their dream. And so it began, Colin’s extraordinary Turkish adventure. Sadly, it nearly came to an end when Colin’s wife died tragically at the age of 52. But determined to the stay the course, Colin remained in the country he had come to call his home. It was in Turkey that he fell in love for the second time, meeting a remarkable Turkish lady who would eventually become his wife. Colin Guest was given a second life. This is his story.


Author: Colin Guest

Colin Guest is a 74 year old Englishman who has been living in Turkey for 25 years and is married to a Turkish lady. Colin loves to write has had a number of articles published in on-line magazines. His memoir, “An Expat’s Experiences of Living in Turkey” was published on Amazon Kindle in 2014 and covers his Turkish journey. Following a five year apprenticeship as a joiner/shop-fitter in Plymouth, England, Colin went on to work overseas for 19 years on high class interior fit-outs to several palaces and a number of five star hotels in fifteen countries spread throughout the Middle East, Far East and North Africa. Colin has also worked as a volunteer at wildlife rescue and rehabilitation centres in South Africa and Thailand. His next memoir, “Follow in the Tigerman’s Footsteps,” due to be published soon, covers his extraordinary earlier life.