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Book Cover: ANZC
ISBN: 9781999732349
Pages: 170

50 Years Australian and New Zealand Club The Netherlands

Sue Corbould, Helen Mandl and Dianne Biederberg, (ed.)

An Australian voice heard by chance in a Dutch post office late 1960s. This book chronicles the origin of the Australian and New Zealand Club The Netherlands.

Starting out as the Australian Women’s Club, it has undergone changes to its name, geographical focus and range of members.

Find out how the club has changed lives for over fifty years, connecting Australians and New Zealanders, living in a country far from home.

This fascinating social history describes vividly the life of the Club which has provided a social network where people can build friendships, support each other, and exchange ideas on living in the Netherlands.

ANZC presents an intriguing view of expat history.

Publisher: Springtime Books
Reviews:H.E. Brett Mason Australian Ambassador to the Netherlands wrote:

We all need support, friendship, contacts and experience to make the most of an overseas adventure. In this, the ANZC has performed splendidly.

H.E. Lyndal Walker New Zealand Ambassador to the Netherlands wrote:

Thank you for the important role you play in promoting Kiwi and Australian 'mateship' amongst ANZC members, the wider community and across the Netherlands.