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Arrivals, Departures and the Adventures in-Between

Book Cover: Arrivals, Departures and the Adventures in-Between
ISBN: 9781909193727
Pages: 226

Christopher O'Shaughnessy

Everyone’s got a story to tell. If your story involves growing up among different cultures – either moving between them or having them move around you – then read this book. Growing up and transitioning cross-culturally can present unexpected challenges and bestow surprising skills. This is a book of adventures that helped me identify some of those challenges and realize some of those skills. Hopefully it can help you too – which is important because you’ve got more to contribute to the world than you realize.

Reviews:Douglas W. Ota, Author, Safe Passage wrote:

Once, down a dark alleyway, a struggling TCK bumped into a mysterious Zen master, a grinning comedian, and an author of thrillers. That alleyway and those personas reside at O’Shaughnessy’s center. Get ready to grab your seat to steady your heart and to avoid falling over with laughter.

Ruth E Van Reken, Co-author, Third Culture Kids wrote:

I wish this book had been written when I was younger.

Lois J Bushong, Author, Belonging Everywhere & Nowhere wrote:

O’Shaughnessy’s does a marvelous job of covering the characteristics of the Third Culture Kid with riveting examples taken from his own life. Thanks for this valuable addition to the TCK literature and most importantly, the teen TCK.

Linda A Janssen, Author, The Emotionally Resilient Expat wrote:

O’Shaughnessy skillfully approaches cross-cultural upbringings and transitions with insight, compassion and humorous tales of identity, connection, community, belonging and resilience.