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Badass Abroad

Book Cover: Badass Abroad
ISBN: 9781919613345
ISBN: 9781919613369

How to Get Your Expat Shift Together

Claire Hauxwell

Meet Dandelion, our author’s alter ego – a flailing spouse and dedicated mom of two who’s a decade into her expat life and doesn’t know who the hell she is anymore. Dandelion’s schtick is getting old. Dandelion’s feeling uncomfortable in her own skin. Dandelion’s longing for the days when there was more to life than wandering the aisles of another damn grocery store in expatland. Dandelion’s life is a #shitastrophy.

But all is not lost. Our heroine is resilient, and with a little help from her friends and an incessantly upbeat coach, she’s determined to get off that highway to Shitsville. Dandelion is spirited, daring, genuine, and brave. Yep, you guessed it – Dandelion is a #badass.
In an honest, insightful, and shamelessly funny account of what the daily grind of an Accompanying Supportive Spouse can look like, Claire Hauxwell reveals the good, the bad, and the ugly bits of expat life. You know, the things no one tells you about, such as how adulting is totally overrated. Along the way, she shares a whole load of inspirational stuff too. Like how to get that self-care routine going. Let’s face it, you can’t make everyone happy. You are not tequila.


Reviews:Katia Vlachos, PhD, CPCC, author of A Great Move wrote:

An engaging journey of personal transformation through courage, authenticity, and self-love.

Mariam Navaid Ottimofiore, ​author of This Messy Mobile Life wrote:

I’d recommend to every expat accompanying spouse moving abroad today. Strong, sassy, witty, honest, sarcastic, sweary, and full of wisdom.

Olga Mecking, author of Niksen wrote:

Part memoir, part self-help book, Badass Abroad is… full of surprising twists, relatable stories, and smart advice. A must-read for every expat spouse.

Sundae Bean, Transformation Facilitator and Podcast Host wrote:

I was getting side-eyes from passengers because it made me laugh out loud… a behind the scenes view of real-life transformation.

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