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Bernard the Wombat of Ugly Gully

Book Cover: Bernard the Wombat of Ugly Gully
ISBN: 9780995502727

Judyth Gregory-Smith

In this fantastical yet believable tale, skilled storyteller Judyth Gregory-Smith shows us that things are not always as they seem and can have surprisingly happy endings.

Bernard is the only upwardly mobile wombat in Australia. He has a well-equipped caravan to sleep in and a deck on which he can sip Wombat Ginger Beer while reading The Wombat’s Guide to Successful Tunnelling. But a menace hangs low over the scene: a dingo named Crushbone. All the animals fear him, for dingoes have the unpleasant habit of eating other animals.

Bernard makes a pond in his garden so he can watch the Honeyeaters fly down for a drink. But one terrible night, the pool is damaged. The black plastic liner is ripped and some water escapes. Who is to blame? Bernard suspects his Wild Wombat relatives who live in Deep Ravine, though Gloria the Red-Bellied Black Snake suspects it's Crushbone the Dingo.

Publisher: Springtime Books
Reviews:Chad Merchant, Editor, The Expat Magazine, Kuala Lumpur wrote:

​​With a memorable cast of characters that would give the undersea world of SpongeBob SquarePants a run for its money, author Judyth Gregory-Smith has created an engaging and entertaining children’s book set in the unique landscape of Australia. Endemic ‘Down Under’ species such as koalas, kangaroos and wombats are joined by dingoes, rabbits, and even a pair of tiny pet fish named Moby and Jaws, all joining together in the cause of putting on a special Fair for all the animals of Ugly Gully.

Heidi Shamsuddin, author of several children's books wrote:

​I loved reading this charming tale about Bernard the Wombat and his friends in Ugly Gully. I hope there are more stories to come!

Judy Shaik, author of Prina the Pangolin wrote:

Giggle at the behaviour of Australian animals, as you learn all about their amazing talents.