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Beverly Hills Postmate

Book Cover: Beverly Hills Postmate
ISBN: 9798710387788

My Exploration of Beverly Hills and Vicinity Using Food Delivery Apps

Charles St. Anthony

After purchasing a new electric car to avoid catching the coronavirus on mass transit, Charles St. Anthony needed to come up with some money fast. Hoping to rake in some big tips, Charles decided to do Postmates in the areas the rich and famous play.

In this humorous short read, Charles explores Beverly Hills and the neighboring areas of Los Angeles using food delivery apps. He takes you down the rabbit hole of Beverly History, and introduces affordable things to eat in America's most glamorous zip code: 90210! Charles serves up "Beverly Hills on a Budget" by introducing economical (but delicious) food he discovered in Beverly Hills—foods that taste expensive but come at prices everyone can enjoy.

After completing more than 500 deliveries via Postmates, DoorDash, and Uber Eats you'll learn what people in LA—a city known for health and fitness—truly eat. The answer might be greasier than you're expecting! Also, Charles answers pressing questions such as what was the most popular type of Taco Bell sauce packet, what food truck has the most devoted fan base, and what was the total number of French fries ordered in his 500+ deliveries. It's a feel-good, laugh out loud short read that shows how food delivery apps offered a path to dignity to people who needed to eat and people who struggled to make money in the pandemic era.

Publisher: Independently Published
Reviews:Jack Scott wrote:

When work dries up because of the pandemic, what’s a boy to do to keep the wolves from the door? The answer is to join the countless others in the gig economy. This is what author Charles St. Anthony did. Staying in is the new going out and who better to deliver fast food and posh nosh to than the locked-down of Beverley Hills? Quirky, insightful and witty.