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Bucket To Greece Volume 3

Bucket to Greece Vol 3
ISBN: 9781696830478

A Comical Living Abroad Adventure

VD Bucket

The delightfully comic account of a British couple and their imported cats starting over in a new country continues in Bucket to Greece Volume 3. Victor and Marigold really feel the heat of May when the ever precarious water supply runs dry, and Victor suffers self-doubt over his burgeoning mastery of the Greek language. No longer cheffing at the local taverna, Victor keeps busy by taking over the kitchen at home, experimenting with the glut of garden courgettes. Landing himself a part-time job as a tour guide to Ancient Olympia offers a golden opportunity to pontificate to a captive audience. Victor is forced to put his foot down when Marigold demands a swimming pool and air conditioning, convincing her they pose dire hygiene risks. Fortunately the arrival of an unexpected visitor delights and distracts Marigold, until catastrophe strikes when a moron takes a pot shot at her beloved feline Catastrophe. With marriage on his mind Barry plans a permanent move to Greece and joins Victor in an early-morning snail hunt, leading to the great bucket breakout. A now sober Guzim secures employment on the coast with a crew that rumour soon has it are homicidal bandits. Spiros, smitten with the fragrant Filipino carer he employs to live-in with his infirm uncle, persuades Victor to help him poach some potential house buyers from under the despised Harold’s nose. The Bucket to Greek series is a must for fans of Greek travel and culture, with laughs aplenty along the way.

Publisher: Independently Published