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Buying Property in Portugal

Gabrielle Collison

Buying a home in Portugal should be easy, yet far too many people have fallen foul of the hidden dangers that can bring your property dreams crashing down.
In this straightforward guide Gabrielle Collison shares insider tips to help you minimise the risks and enjoy a trouble free purchase. Written in plain English, with none of the hype, this fully revised and updated edition contains:

  • how to find reputable agents
  • case studies from buyers like you
  • how to get good legal advice
  • off-plan vs new-build vs resale vs self-build
  • how to carry out your own checks
  • step-by-step buying flow charts
  • renting a property in Portugal
  • selling your Portuguese property
  • how to decide where to buy
  • advice on relocating and residency much, much more...

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