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Deconstructing Brazil

Book Cover: Deconstructing Brazil
ISBN: 9780993237744

Deconstructing Brazil, Beyond Carnival, Soccer and Girls in Small Bikinis

Simone Torres Costa

Beyond Understand the Brazil of today through its multicultural history and interactions. This book transcends stereotypes and will allow you to get to know the real Brazil, thanks to the guidance of a Brazilian interculturalist, psychologist, and executive coach. It is aimed at those who seek a deeper understanding of this rich and complex culture and its impact on personal and professional interactions. An essential tool for anyone living and working in Brazil, or anyone planning to move there.

Reviews:Geraldine Pace, Director, WorldWork Ltd wrote:

Fascinating probe into the ‘hard to mix’ Brazilian society – from the original Amerindians to the Portuguese colonial masters to the vast number of imported African slaves.

David C. Dixon, International Project Manager wrote:

Simone Torres Costa is one of only a handful of authors able to explain the cross-cultural challenges of working with Brazilian business culture.