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Definite Articles

Book Cover: Definite Articles
ISBN: 9781904881339

How to write and sell winning articles based on your overseas experience

Jo Parfitt

If you have a story to tell, this book will make it sell

Writing is the perfect portable career. It is an invaluable skill for anyone who requires an extra source of income or a hobby with earning potential. Today so many people move around the country or the world. Their experiences make great reading and are a constant source of inspiration.

This eight part course will give you hands-on learning about far more than just the mechanics of writing. You will also learn how to find the markets that are out there and how to make the editors say ‘yes’.


  • How to find inspiration for your articles and writing
  • How to write something that editors want
  • The key to overcoming writer’s block
  • Where to look for opportunities and how to approach marketing
  • What to do when faced with rejection
  • What to do once you’re established
  • Discover these secrets and more from a wordsmith who has been a poet, short story writer, student, teacher, journalist, publisher, editor, presenter and copywriter.