Do you still have cleavage with just one breast?

Book Cover: Do you still have cleavage with just one breast?
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ISBN: 9780993237751
Pages: 108
ISBN: 9780993237768

Just married and newly pregnant Sue finds a lump in her breast. This is her intimate diary

Sue Lawrence, PhD

On honeymoon and two months pregnant, Sue discovers a lump in her breast. This is her raw, unpolished diary as she navigates the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Brutally honest, she faces the overwhelming terror of the road ahead – for herself and her unborn daughter.

Her candid diary entries reflect the impact the disease has on her marriage and impending motherhood. It ends with Tips for Cancer Warriors – signposts and guidelines for those following in her footsteps.

This remarkable and compelling memoir will empower others to feel whatever they need to feel as they battle this disease – it’s their cancer.

Reviews:Deborah Valentine, Executive Director, ACCESS, The Hague wrote:

The tips she provides after taking us through the emotional, silent, journey of her diary are simply those: tips for ensuring whoever gets the diagnosis and is going through treatment remains the centre of the process, not the cancer.

Ruth Pat-Horenczyk, PhD, Associate Professor, Hebrew University wrote:

The book charts the progress of post-traumatic growth, finding meaning and benefits in the process. It is all connected to loving, intimate and meaningful relationships, and the all-consuming role of motherhood. An inspiring brave memoir with wide cleavage.

Helen Stein, PhD wrote:

Do You Still Have Cleavage invites its readers to allow their own emotional reactions to breast cancer to flow and ebb.

Author: Sue Lawrence PhD

Sue Lawrence is a writer and researcher. She began her career as a community health nurse in Edmonton, Canada. Longing for adventure, she moved to the UK to earn her MPhil and study tobacco companies. She earned her PhD from Royal Holloway, London, UK, during her cancer treatment. Her study concerned risk and resilience factors to psychological disorder in high-risk Israeli youth. She continues to work on this topic and is expanding trauma to include breast cancer. She has taught health policy via Distance Learning at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine for 11 years. She is the proud mother of Elona and the happy wife of Kristof. Running, exercising, cycling, travelling, building a community, and connecting with loved ones while eating great food are among her favourite things to do.