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Do you still have cleavage with just one breast?

Book Cover: Do you still have cleavage with just one breast?
ISBN: 9780993237751
ISBN: 9780993237768

Just married and newly pregnant Sue finds a lump in her breast. This is her intimate diary

Sue Lawrence, PhD

On honeymoon and two months pregnant, Sue discovers a lump in her breast. This is her raw, unpolished diary as she navigates the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Brutally honest, she faces the overwhelming terror of the road ahead – for herself and her unborn daughter.

Her candid diary entries reflect the impact the disease has on her marriage and impending motherhood. It ends with Tips for Cancer Warriors – signposts and guidelines for those following in her footsteps.

This remarkable and compelling memoir will empower others to feel whatever they need to feel as they battle this disease – it’s their cancer.

Reviews:Deborah Valentine, Executive Director, ACCESS, The Hague wrote:

The tips she provides after taking us through the emotional, silent, journey of her diary are simply those: tips for ensuring whoever gets the diagnosis and is going through treatment remains the centre of the process, not the cancer.

Ruth Pat-Horenczyk, PhD, Associate Professor, Hebrew University wrote:

The book charts the progress of post-traumatic growth, finding meaning and benefits in the process. It is all connected to loving, intimate and meaningful relationships, and the all-consuming role of motherhood. An inspiring brave memoir with wide cleavage.

Helen Stein, PhD beSurgeryWise.com wrote:

Do You Still Have Cleavage invites its readers to allow their own emotional reactions to breast cancer to flow and ebb.