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Dutched Up!

Book Cover: Dutched Up!
ISBN: 9789082313208

Rocking the Clogs Expat Style

Lynn Morrison, Olga Mecking, Molly Quell

Dutched Up! is a compilation of stories from Expat Women Bloggers living in the Netherlands. The book covers a wide range of topics about everyday life as seen through the eyes of a foreigner. Some are funny. Others have a wealth of professional information. Yet other stories are sad, shocking or surprising.

There is one thing we can guarantee about this book. If you have ever lived in the Netherlands, at least one story in it will resonate with you. In all likelihood, there are a lot of stories that will sound familiar and have you nodding your head in agreement or shaking it in shared frustration. This book will help you appreciate the many moments of beauty, learning and growing.

Dutched Up! is a collection of tales by some pretty amazing women who have learned to rock their clogs, expat style.

Publisher: Margaret Lynn Morrison
Reviews:Jo Parfitt on Summertime Publishing wrote:

I loved it. I devoured every story. They were compelling, well-written and entertaining. What's more, they did resonate with me simply because I knew the Netherlands, its bikes, its quirks, its food, language and healthcare system.

Clara Wiggins wrote:

This would be an excellent gift for anyone about to make the leap into expat life in the Netherlands.

With its tall buildings and tulip-lined canals, the Netherlands is a wonderful place to visit. But what happens when you move there instead? We asked a group of expat women to share their stories about moving to the land of windmills. From wondering why everyone's curtains are open, to stealing back bicycles, to struggling to get doctors to take you seriously, to having babies, making friends and learning to get along with Dutch colleagues, these women did not hold back in telling their tales of life in the Netherlands. Whether you are thinking of moving there or have been a resident for years, this book has something to offer. You'll laugh, cry, raise your fist in frustration and nod your head in agreement. Most of all, you'll be enthralled by these stories of everyday life from some not-so-everyday women.

Contributing authors

Olga Mecking, Lynn Morrison, Molly Quell, Colleen Geske, Zoe Lewis, Rina Mae Acosta, Catina Tanner, Katherine Strous, Nerissa Muijs, Amanda van Mulligen, Rosalind Van Aalen, Caitlyn O'Dowd, Lana Kristine Jelenjev, Ute Limacher-Riebold, Aislinn Callahan-Brandt, Alexia Martha Symvoulidou, Shivangi Sharma, Tamkara Adun, Amber Rahim, Marianne Orchard, Damini Purkayastha, Donna Stovall Bardsley, Kerry Dankers, Iulia Modi Agterhuis, Farrah Ritter.