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Expat Life Slice by Slice

Book Cover: Expat Life Slice by Slice
ISBN: 978-1904881711

Expat Life Slice by Slice

Apple Gidley

From marauding monkeys to strange men in her bedroom, from Africa to Australasia to America, with stops in Melanesia, the Caribbean and Europe along the way, Apple Gidley vividly sketches her itinerant global life. The challenges of expatriation, whether finding a home, a job, or a school are faced mostly with equanimity. Touched with humour and pathos, places come alive with stories of people met and cultures learned, with a few foreign faux pas added to the mix.

Reviews:Brian Friedman, Founder and CEO – The Forum for Expatriate Management wrote:

A fascinating insight into the world of a lifelong expatriate with the joys, excitement, challenges and sadness that it entails, told with great openness, humour and honesty.

Ruth E. Van Reken, author wrote:

In a world where definitions of belonging and home are changing, Apple shows us it is possible to live with joy in these new ways.

Anne P. Copeland, PhD, Executive Director, The Interchange Institute wrote:

With a novelist’s expert control of dialogue, a journalist’s eye for detail, a loving mother and wife’s compassion, and a raconteur’s ability to draw you into her fascinating life, Apple Gidley has written a page-turner memoir.