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Expat Partner

Book Cover: Expat Partner
ISBN: 9789401467957

Staying Active & Finding Work

Carine Bormans and Marie Geukens

Can you plan your professional future as expat partner? Can you pursue a career in your new environment? What are your expectations and priorities? Moving abroad to follow a partner who is relocating is a decision that has both great benefits and potential pitfalls. According to 71% of expats who experienced a failed foreign posting, the reason provided is an unhappy partner. This book allows you to ask all the right questions, both before and during your stay abroad. To make a good start, establishing clear agreements is an important step. In looking at your own work differently, many unexpected doors may open. Written by former and current expats who have vast experience in making a new life in a foreign country, this book offers inspiring examples and useful warnings. Step by step, you will be able to make better life and career choices.

  • Insightful guidance for people who are planning to follow a partner who has been relocated abroad
  • The authors have both been expats, and have a wealth of experience and knowledge to share on how you can avoid the pitfalls and enjoy the benefits of relocating
Reviews:Jo Parfitt wrote:

Written in a clear accessible style and is backed up by case studies, research, expert opinion and statistics.