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Financial Planning for Global Living

Book Cover: Financial Planning for Global Living
ISBN: 9780999257913

Go Beyond Cross-Border Tax and Legal Complexity to Location Independence, Financial Freedom and True Life Satisfaction

Jennifer A. Patterson, CFP® (US), CIMA, TEP

What is financial planning for global living?

Whether you are embarking on a short- or long-term overseas assignment, moving for love, are a dual citizen, are considering retiring abroad, or are an advisor to people in any of those situations, Financial Planning for Global Living will give you the insight and practical guidance, and the tools you need, all honed from the trenches. You'll learn the key dynamics of the community and lifestyle, discover the key technical issues that affect tax and legal complexity, and you'll learn both the model and the methodology to confidently design a plan that allows you to live, work, play, and make a difference from anywhere in the world while you and your family live a full, financially secure, happy, and well-structured life... across borders.

Publisher: Make Your Mark Global
Reviews:Lorne Mitchell, Managing Director, Objective Designers Ltd wrote:

...this book can save you money, your marriage/partnership, and a lot of emotional turmoil...Well worth reading and acting on the key ideas...

Andrew Jernigan, Expat Insurance Broker and Co-Founder, International Care wrote:

A must-read for anyone considering a globally mobile life...

Marina Hernandez EA, CFP(R), MHtax wrote:

...this may be the financial planning profession's best resource on cross-border planning issues faced by people navigating among a variety of national and local tax jurisdictions...