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Find Your Passion

Book Cover: Find Your Passion
Editions:Paperback - 2nd Ed
ISBN: 9781905430277
Kindle - 2nd Ed

Find Your Passion: 20 Tips And 20 Tasks For Finding Work That Makes Your Spirit Soar

Jo Parfitt

When will you find your true calling? If you want to spend your life doing enjoyable and rewarding work that feeds your soul – that makes your heart sing – then you hold in front of you the roadmap to a new life. In this fully revised and extended edition of Jo Parfitt’s highly acclaimed guide to finding the ideal career and living your dreams, you’ll find lessons, tasks and inspiring real-life stories to help you find your passion and make your spirit soar.

  • Would you love to turn your hobby into a source of income?
  • Do you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur?
  • Are you returning to work unsure of your ideal job?
  • Have you recently graduated but find yourself lost for choice?
  • Are you simply feeling unfulfilled in your present job but know there’s something just right for you?

Find Your Passion gives you 20 tips and 20 tasks to help uncover your unique contribution, the person you were born to be and the things you love to do. Read this book and change your life.

Publisher: Summertime Publishing