Going Native in Catalonia

Book Cover: Going Native in Catalonia
Editions:Paperback: £ 9.99 GBP
ISBN: 9781909193123
Pages: 206
ISBN: 9781909193178

Going Native in Catalonia

Simon Harris

If you’re planning to stay in Catalonia and want the most authentic experience you can get then it pays to be prepared. Much more than a tourist guide, listing the usual attractions for the casual tourist, Going Native in Catalonia digs deep beneath this nation’s psyche to give you a warts-and-all induction into the Catalan way of life.

Inside you will discover:

  • why Catalonia is not just another part of Spain
  • the quirks of the Catalan people and language
  • a brief history of Catalonia and its politics
  • intimate guided tours of key towns and cities
  • advice for short, long and medium term stays
  • personal photographs from the author’s travels
  • Catalan culture, art, style and partying
  • witty anecdotes and interesting facts to share
  • the inside scoop on Catalonia’s culinary delights
  • tips on ‘going native’ yourself and living there
  • much, much more…
Publisher: Summertime Publishing

Author: Simon Harris

Simon Harris was born in Nottingham to Bohemian parents and changed home, school and friends yearly for most of his childhood. The wanderlust continued throughout his teens and twenties as a jobbing musician across Europe, until in 1988, with a guitar strapped to his back, he arrived in Barcelona and came home. That was half a life ago and after a career first as a musician in Spain and then as an English teacher, translator and teacher trainer at the British Council and Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Catalonia still feels more like home than ever. “Going Native in Catalonia” was published in 2008 and, according to Simon's Catalan friends, is still a relevant cultural memoir. When he's not writing about the magnificent FC Barcelona, Simon gives personalised guided tours of Barcelona Modernist buildings to rich Americans, helps out visitors to the Catalan capital through his www.barcelona-travel-guide.info website and works on ideas for his forthcoming “Going Local in Barcelona”.