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Guide to Johannesburg

Expat-Living.info Guide to Johannesburg

Barbara Bruhwiler

Are you moving to or living as an expat in Johannesburg or South Africa? The Expat-Living.info Guide will provide you with the expat know-how and connections that allow you to effectively prepare and move to Johannesburg or South Africa, settle down easily and quickly, and have the time of your life as an expat down here.

The Guide to Johannesburg contains:

  • the exact prices for goods and services in Johannesburg
  • where and how you can live safely in this town where crime rates are soaring
  • what to do to stay safe in traffic and just about everywhere else
  • which international schools you will find in Johannesburg and how they compare to the local schools
  • how to get onto the road, into the shops and online quickly and hassle free
  • where and how to find new friends in Johannesburg
  • where to turn to find your “can’t-live-without” specialities from home
  • how to deal with small and bigger problems you encounter here
  • how to find and communicate with people who can help you
  • how to employ domestic employees, including a sample contract
  • where and when to go on safari and how to save money while optimising your “bush experience”
  • ... and lots more.

On top of this, you will also get personal consulting: Have your very own questions answered by the author.

Your purchase will give you immediate access to the Expat-Living.info Guide with its 3 eBooks and its consulting service.

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