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Hanoi Jane

Book Cover: Hanoi Jane

Elke Ray

Leading a fantastic life in the Big Apple, Jane Moxley has wonderful friends, a crazy family (thankfully located a plane ride away), and a trendy job at one of New York s fashion magazines and of course, Wyatt, boyfriend of five years and fiancé of one. When Wyatt s company relocates him to the Far East, Vietnam to be precise, Jane gamely follows suit, leaving everything she knows behind to be with the man she loves. After all, what could be more romantic, more perfect, than the two of them in the exotic orient, carving out a life together? So what should Jane do when she returns to their home to find her beloved, in their bed, under their duvet, doing the dirty with someone else? Someone else is Lindy Tran, the hot and sexy, confident and smart, elusive director of an NGO, who has also been linked with a number of hot, expat-bachelors in Hanoi. But Lindy hides a dark secret that Jane and her streetsmart, no-nonsense friend, Sigrid, are determined to uncover. Besides, when Wyatt realises that Lindy is not all that she seems to be, he s bound to return to Jane, isn't he?