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Harvesting Stones

Book Cover: Harvesting Stones

Harvesting Stones, An American woman's international journey of survival

Paula Lucas

When Paula Lucas, a Catholic farm girl raised in the agricultural heartland of California met an internationally known foreign photographer in San Francisco shortly after college, her life transformed. She spent 14 years living and traveling overseas in Europe, the Middle East and the Far East. A dream comes true as an American expat, except she hid terrible secrets that almost cost the lives of her children and herself.

The night before she fled Dubai in April 1999, she made a covenant with God that she would help other American women and children being terrorized in foreign countries if she succesfully escaped the next day. She did. Seeking safety at her sister’s home in Portland, Oregon, she thought her nightmare would end. It didn’t. She was forced to flee once again. Homeless and on the run at 40 years old with three little boys, they lived like gypsies along the California & Oregon Coast hiding from the man that threatened her, “I will hunt you down and slaughter you like animals no matter where you are in the world.”

From victim to victor, Paula weaves you through her astonishing life journey for the first time since her escape almost 15 years ago in this tell-all memoir.

Reviews:Gavin de Becker, Bestselling Author, The Gift of Fear wrote:

… an unforgettable memoir, and a teacher for us all.

Linda Janssen, Author, The Emotionally Resilient Expat wrote:

Terrifying, unimaginable, harrowing, chilling… a testament to Lucas’ strength, bravery, tenacity and will.