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Heads Above Water

Book Cover: Heads Above Water
ISBN: 9781539665212

Heads Above Water, Staying Afloat in France

Stephanie Dagg

Moving abroad for good with a family, and without a pension as back-up, is a whole new ball game. Especially when your plan is to run a gîte and a carp fishing business and you’re moving to two derelict hovels with three empty lake. That’s what makes Heads Above Water different. It’s about a family with three children, who stick the hardships out and make things start to work. It’s about hurtling enthusiastically down what turn out to be dead ends and having to do quick about-turns. It’s about actually – eventually – making a living in a new country. It’s realistic, honest and gritty – but also fun, lively and very entertaining. Exploding toilets and escaping llamas tend to make for an interesting life. If you’ve ever thought, however vaguely, of moving to France or have already done so, or are just intrigued to find out more about the courageous/crazy (delete as appropriate) people who have taken the plunge, then this is the book for you!

Publisher: CreateSpace