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Here We Are

Book Cover: Here We Are
ISBN: 9781838174606

The International Career Couple Handbook​

Paul Vanderbroeck & Jannie ​Aasted Skov-Hansen

Here We Are - The International Career Couple Handbook provides a new way to approach internationally mobile talent. From a foundation of deeply caring for a global workforce, it offers real-life insights into the challenges and opportunities for International Career Couples (ICC) and the organisations that deploy them. With in-depth research and substantial HR experience this book argues that the future of global careers requires a holistic strategic perspective on professionals living and working in international trajectories. Applying organisational methods and allowing for meaningful conversations are ways for ICCs to succeed and for organisations to retain them. The handbook is filled with practical tools for each ICC to construct their map of the future.

Reviews:Jacqui Brassey (McKinsey) & Nicholas Brassey (Ahold Delhaize) wrote:

Well-researched, practical and inspiring. A must-read for couples and employers alike.

Prof. Jennifer Petriglieri (INSEAD), author of Couples That Work wrote:

An invaluable resource for today's mobile couples.

Helena Vanhoutte, GM France, Vandemoortele wrote:

A must-read for couples starting or having an international career.

Prof. Shlomo Ben-Hur (IMD) wrote:

A highly recommended read for both international career individuals, their bosses, and Human Resources professionals.

Sandra Jensen Landi (Danish Ambassador) & Martin Landi (Senior Global Adviser) wrote:

This handbook offers a good structure for the deep reflections and discussions you need to have as an International Career Couple.

Jack Zenger (Zenger Folkman) wrote:

A groundbreaking book!