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How to be a Global Grandparent

Book Cover: How to be a Global Grandparent

Peter Gosling and Anne Huscroft

As the world appears to get smaller, families are increasingly offered the opportunity to move abroad and to experience some of that fabled expat life. What happens to those left behind? How do they cope with this new situation? Grandparents find it especially hard to be separated from their grandchildren. Having experienced this dilemma first hand, Peter Gosling, himself a global grandparent, and Anne Huscroft, a well-travelled expat, decided to combine their unique view points and write How to be a Global Grandparent. Launched in March by Zodiac Publishing, the first part of this helpful book addresses such issues as when to go out and visit the newly expatriate family, how to behave while you're there and importantly, what do when they descend during the summer holidays. The second part of How to be a Global Grandparent talks about communication and the all important Internet. Becoming familiar with new technology may be daunting to some but this gentle introduction will assist even the most reluctant computer user. How to be a Global Grandparent is attractively presented in an easy-to-read A5 format. Released on 16th March 2009, How to be Global Grandparent is Peter and Anne's first collaborative work. Peter continues to research, write about and photograph his favourite subjects while Anne runs her busy consultancy, REO-Solutions Limited.