How to live in a van and travel

Book Cover: How to live in a van and travel
Editions:Paperback: £ 11.99 GBP
ISBN: 9780995705050
Pages: 286
Kindle: £ 7.50 GBP

Live everywhere, be free and have adventures in a campervan or motorhome

Mike Hudson

Imagine being able to live wherever you want, travelling the world with everything you need in your own cosy home on wheels. Three years ago I was miserable. I’d sit at my desk every thinking ‘this can’t be it’. I felt like I was missing out, like there was so much more to life than going back and forth to a windowless office building every day feeling unfulfilled, uninspired and fed up. I needed more. I wanted to explore the world, live in different places, meet different people and let every day be an adventure. I wanted the life I thought might be out there. Maybe you also feel like this from time to time?


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