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How to Live the Good Life in France

Book Cover: How to Live the Good Life in France
ISBN: 9781916389014

Attaining Your French Rural Dream

Lorraine Turnbull

Fed up with the rat race? Dreaming of a simpler life? A better life? A good life? Since the 1990s hundreds of thousands of people left it all behind and moved to France. Are you dreaming about moving to France to live a simpler, rural life; perhaps on a smallholding or simply in the countryside? Then this is the book for you. This practical and up-to-date book will lead you through the many questions you may have including:

  • How Brexit will affect you
  • Owning animals or setting up a smallholding in France
  • Finding & securing the right property
  • Starting a rural business

Benefit from Lorraine Turnbull's own experience and read the case studies from real people who have moved to live the Good Life in various areas of France. It’s a big step to a brave new world and this timely book aims to help you in your journey to your Good Life in France. Lorraine is an award-winning smallholder and former cider maker who relocated to rural France in 2017.

Publisher: Fat Sheep Press