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I am not a Magician

Book Cover: I am not a Magician
Editions:Paperback - €22.50
ISBN: 9789464482393

Living and working in Vladimir Putin’s Russia

Gary R. Hays

Living ten minutes from Red Square and the Kremlin and working for a Russian company, life is anything but dull. Vladimir Putin returns to reclaim the Presidency; the White Ribbon protestors fight against his comeback, election fraud and the riot police; our oligarchs try and keep their oil company out of state control; Mikhail the driver tries to keep his job but do as little work as possible; Olya and Angela want stability and to survive; Denis is trying to get his career back on track; whilst the beautiful Ira just wants to escape Russia to her dream of Scotland. Russia is a country where something unexpected happens every day. And somehow I fall under its spell.

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Publisher: Brave New Books

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