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I Miss the Rain in Africa

Book Cover: I Miss the Rain in Africa
ISBN: 9781615995745
ISBN: 9781615995752

Peace Corps as a Third Act

Nancy Daniel Wesson

At a time when her friends were planning cushy retirements, Nancy Wesson instead walked away from a comfortable life and business to head out as a Peace Corps Volunteer in post-war Northern Uganda. She embraced wholeheartedly the grand adventure of living in a radically different culture, while turning old skills into wisdom. Returning home becomes a surreal experience in trying to reconcile a life that no longer "fits." This becomes the catalyst for new revelations about family wounds, mystical experiences, and personal foibles.

Nancy shows us the power of stepping into the void to reconfigure life and enter the wilderness of the uncharted territory of our own memories and psyche, to mine the gems hidden therein. Funny, heartbreaking, insightful and tender, I Miss the Rain in Africa is the story of honoring the self, discovering a new lens through which to view life, and finding joy along the path.

Publisher: Modern History Press
Reviews:Bob Rich, Ph.D wrote:

"… a primer on being human; touching and fun; a must read!"

Jeanne H. RPCV wrote:

"This book of personal transformation offers a truly funny but sobering look into a totally different culture and the lessons learned about self while navigating the unknown. Ms. Wesson keeps the reader entertained, while also stopping along the way to reflect upon our own self journeys. A FUN read."

Helen M. wrote:

"... SO entertaining and yet SO profound! As a life-long reader there are certain books that stay in my memory and in my heart. This one does!"